2x SNOW WHITE II ® DELUXE Tooth Whitening System

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Tooth whitening system

Are you dreaming of a white, sympathetic smile that should bring you joy and success in work and life? Perfectly white teeth do not remain a dream more! 


for your beatiful smile

You will be amazed!

SNOW WHITE II ® DELUXE Tooth Whitening System removes gently plaque and cleans ugly discoloration away - revealing a bright natural white.

Forget about teeth whitening strips, which change only one side of your teeth easily, since teeth are translucent, which allows the illumination of both sides required that it create any costly "colors" such as toothpaste or brush bleaching systems that will keep your teeth are stained and in the TV ads are touted as being effective.

SNOW WHITE II ® DELUXE according cosmetic directive 2011/84/EU.

You receive with SNOW WHITE II ® DELUXE:

- 6 x 3ml SNOW WHITE II ® Bleaching Gel
- 4x Dual Tray (luxury-mouth bars)
- 2x Instructions in German and English

Get the joy of life, success in career and personal life with SNOW WHITE II ® Deluxe in your life and leave you a positive, lasting impression with its beautiful white teeth. 

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